Want To Take A Bike Ride With Me?

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? ⁠

⁠When I taught my sons to ride, my eldest was terrified and took months to learn, but youngest son at 3 years old, got on a bike and rode it like he had ridden a bike all his life… I was the one who was scared in that moment 🙂 

But I doubt any of us learned without a few scary moments so I would love to share with you how resistance shows up for us and how we can remove the resistance and peddle on. 

.⁠..read on…


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Remove The Resistance And Peddle On

Resistance hits us all at unexpected times, especially when we have a specific goal we want to achieve that feels just out of reach. I’ve recently been in the process of learning and leaning into my comfort zone, It’s been an uphill climb, and not without a scrape or two, but I’m banking on my own success and looking forward to when I can look back at the struggle and say, “Eh, it’s like riding a bike.” ⁠

When we accept that resistance of a goal or desire is something that will always come up, and choose to feel reassured by these signs, acknowledging we are growing as a business instead of allowing the feelings to keep us small. Truth is, our feelings of resistance are from past experiences, which are often things that we experienced as a child, and it’s our bodies way of trying to keep us safe from hurt or disappointment – but ironically staying exactly where we are now with no business growth, will lead to feeling disappointment anyway.

The most common thoughts we can hear are; how can I, who will be interested, I don’t know how, I might have to sell, what if I fail, who am I to do that.

How to let some of the resistance go…

To start with – I want you to think of your goal, or whatever you recognise as showing as the resistance, this could be could be a financial goal, an opportunity that comes up, or something you want to achieve in your business

Then get yourself in a quiet spot, and recognise where in your body you feel the resistance and then ask yourself the following questions- 

  1. Where in my body am I feeling the resistance showing up? 
  2. I acknowledge I am feeling fear over that goal, I recognise it’s going to be a lot of hard work to reach that goal.
  3. Why am I feeling resistance?
  4. What is the downside of NOT achieving the goal
  5. What is the upside of NOT achieving the goal

 Then again recognise where in your body you feel the resistance, and say to yourself

“There it is that big scary and exciting goal, it’s going to feel so great when I get there, I am open to guidance, what my head thinks is not what my heart knows I should do, I’m open to inspired ideas and I’m open to enjoying the journey and looking forward to feeling the achievement.”

I decide – This is easy for me 

If you’re ready to push past this resistants, Mindset For Success will be the perfect partner, it will transform your feelings into positive action steps so you can go on to achieve the success you desire.

You can check it out here Mindset For Success 

Visit my library of Light Up Your Brand Courses for coaches who want to grow a thriving business Coaching Business Success Path

Let me know in the comments…What are you pushing yourself to learn these days?⁠

With love and light 


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