Reflecting 2019 And  Seizing Opportunities

If I had to give my year of 2019 a word I would call it Opportunities. I have had the most amazing year of opportunities and as each one ended another door opened, to something else new and exciting….and I’m going to share with you exactly how that happened. But most importantly I put it all down to trusting my intuition. This  when you are 

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Trust Your Intuition 

Right at the beginning of 2019 I made a pact with myself that I would follow my intuition and take every opportunity as it was presented to me and without a shadow of a doubt it has been the most enjoyable and success year I’ve had.

I have worked with the most incredible coaches, made connections and friends with the most amazing, inspirational and supportive ladies from literally all over the world, and I’ve also experience personal self growth exceeding anything I’ve ever experienced before. 

I have leaned so far out of my comfort zone, seizing the day, everyday and had a heart full of appreciation.

One of my stand out opportunities of the year was being featured on Carla White’s  Podcast – Radical Shift

This podcast is so worth subscribing to, not only is it inspiring, Entrepreneur Magazine have rated it in their top 20 podcasts to help you grow in 2020

I would love you to listen here to my feature here Radical Shift Podcast 

5 Ways You Can Tune Into Your Intuition

When you are open to following your intuition, raise your awareness and tune in carefully as it speak with a quiet voice, because when we do listen the potential is life-changing

Simply ask yourself ….whatever you need to know, for instance if you want to increase your financial situation you could simply ask – How do I increase my financial abundance. When you ask make sure to look and listen out for the answers 

Creating time in your day with silence, gives you a chance to ask that all important question. You can do that during meditation, taking a walk, or commonly inspiration comes and questions are often answered in the shower! And then….it’s about being open to listening out for the answers to what you have asked, and then taking action on them

Trust your ‘gut feeling’ get used to being comfortable with the feeling of just knowing that whatever you decide will be the absolute right thing to do.   

4. Release 


If you’re serious about your dreams, then you know all too well that you need a good system in place, and I can promise you that my Mindset For Success System will do just that 

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Here’s to making 2020 your best year yet 

With love and light 


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