Do You Feel Uncomfortable With Selling? 

I get it, your dream is to set up your coaching business to help all the people, and so you can enjoy a life of more freedom.

There’s just one problem 

You are terrible at selling your coaching services. In fact it brings you out in a cold sweat. 

You had no idea this would be a problem. If you are finding it impossible to move forward with your coaching business because selling your service makes you feel wildly uncomfortable…read on

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5 Steps To Selling Your Coaching Confidently


1. Believe in yourselfThis is the absolute most important starting point, because you have to believe in yourself, when you believe in what your offer is the perfect solution for your clients your energy is totally different.

When you are selling your service, there really is an energy, think of when you make buying decisions, you’re excited to buy…. it makes you feel good, that’s the energy we want to bring to our clients.

When you know what you’re offering is the only and best option for your clients, you would be doing THEM a disservice by not sharing it to them.


2. Money mindset – In fact all of your mindset, the exchange of money is a magnetic energy, we have to feel great about it, because if we don’t our clients will sniff it out, in what you are saying and in your body language during a discovery call, if something is out of alignment with YOU they will not sign up. Bottom Line. Be away of any money mindset stories you may be telling yourself and re word that negative sentence into a positive.


3. Know your value and worth – When you are starting out your coaching business, yes of course offering free coaching is the perfect way to gain confidence in your abilities and gain experience, it’s worth always being open to leaning how to be a better coach, because it takes practice. 

But their has to be a strategy behind it, and there has to be a point when the free coaching stops and then paying clients take over. So having a feel good price is the absolute key, to not only to getting the most out of your clients but also to you not feeling any resentment at all because you are under charging or doing free work.


4. Ideal Clients – Have a really clear idea of who your ideal clients are AND how you help them. This will give you confidence in the language you use, when you know this inside out you will clearly communicate who you help, so you can confidently stand in your shoes knowing you are the exact expert person to help them.

If you can think of someone you’ve already worked with, the sessions were a dream, everything about them was great, chances are they are your ideal client so you can base your client profile around them.


5. Ultimate experience – Give your clients 5 star treatment. Even in a FREE discovery call/enrolment conversation. When you go above and beyond EVERY time, even when it’s NOT the right time for them to work with you now, you have a high chance that they will remember you when they are ready to take the next step, because of that amazing experience they had with you.


I know that deep inside, you really want to help people, by helping them to solve a very specific problem that they come to you.

I know you also want to increase sales and welcome new clients too

The good news is sales skills are something you can learn.

I have created a workbook to accompany this, so you worker deeper on gaining the confidence You can download the FREE workbook to help you further – 5 Tips How To Be Confident Selling

JOIN my FREE training session : Sell It With Confidence. Helping you to increase your visibility so you can get more clients saying YES! I know you will love it – you can JOIN HERE 

With love

Sarah 🙂



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