Plan A Business That Is In Complete Flow And Ease  

Welcome friend, If you’re reading this and are looking for a traditional XYZ, what do do and how to do it business plan OR 100 reasons why you need to do this to creating a perfect coaching business plan, well you’re probably in the wrong place. 

I’m hear to tell you that it can be easy, you can work in flow and you absolutely need to start from there to enable you to work outwards from that wonderful place. 
Well, I can tell you, entrepreneurship is always going to be landscape of peeks and troughs, that’s for sure! ⁠⠀

So starting on the right foot is going to be an absolute game changer for those that do just that…read on …

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Decide What’s Key For You And Your Life 

I’m so tired of hearing all about the hustle, how you absolutely have to have a funnel, an amazing website, a following of thousands over social media…blah blah blah ⁠⠀
Because all these actually do is create more problems – how do i create an opt-in, a funnel, a bigger email list, stunning website tbh you could insert any number of Elastoplast answers, over a big gaping problem.⁠⠀
It’s this framework that will lead you down a very shitty path. ⁠⠀
Because the truth of the matter is this, ⁠⠀
There is an easier way ⁠⠀
And it’s creating your business that’s framed around it being easy and in flow for you. ⁠⠀
It’s created around YOU ⁠⠀
How YOU like to show up, what YOU are good at and how YOU can confidently stand as that powerful person you are.⁠⠀
Only then you will show up with a completely different energy, aligned with your true passion and purpose, and it’s that energy that will attract your ideal clients. Every. Single. Time. ⁠⠀

So before you get stuck in the big stuff, decide to create a business around you. Because I can promise you when you do this everything will feel easy.

So questions for you to ask yourself are –

1. What areas of your speciality completely light you up and you could talk about all day and night?

2. What are you naturally good at and find easy?

3. What do you want your life to look like?

And my job, being a business & confidence coach is helping you to be working from ease and flow, because when you are, your ideal clients will be magnetically attracted to you, read more – to discover more about working from happiness, flow and ease can be possible for you too⠀

You can also find out how to Launch Your Coaching Business in my 5 Step Tutorial 

With love 



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