Do you have a clear message throughout your coaching business? Having a core message that speaks clearly to our ideal clients is so important, because we want our ideal clients to feel like we are talking directly to them and know and understand them whenever they come into contact with our business. You can watch the video below


Have you got a solid understanding of your clear message? Does your business talk directly to your ideal clients?

If you’ve answered no to the above this could be something you should really consider looking at and spending some time working on.

The reason why having a clear message is so important in your business is a clear message on your website and over your social media will mean that the moment your dream customers come into contact with your business they feel like you are talking directly to them, want to learn more, they feel like you understand their needs, they will light up and be excited of how they can work with you.

Now do you want to know more?

Answer the questions below and discover the answers that will help you to arrange the perfect clear message to your customers.

Who Is Your Ideal Client? 


So grab yourself a drink and a pen and paper as this is a great time for you to spend a little bit of time working on your business..

Answer these questions with as many answers as you can –

  • Who is your ideal customer
  • What are your ideal customers areas that they need help with?
  • What are the goals of your ideal customers, what do they want to achieve?
  • Think about the result that will be achieved – what is that result?
  • Who its for, what it helps with, and how it helps them.

From what you have brainstormed you can sit and create a great single sentence that will speak to your ideal client. From that sentence you can work it many ways. You can condense it down to create your social media bios. Alternatively you can pad it out for your sales page.

Doing this is invaluable to your business, and will be the very core of your business and will attract your ideal customers to your business every time

And my job, being a business & confidence coach is helping you to be working from ease and flow, because when you are, your ideal clients will be magnetically attracted to you, read more – to discover more about working from happiness, flow and ease can be possible for you too⠀

With love

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