What To Say To Attract The Right Clients

This is something so many coaches get stuck on, so in this video I break it down into 4 quick questions to ask yourself so you can easily formulate a perfectly clear message that will easily attract your ideal clients to your coaching business.

Use these tips to create your clear message/tag line for social media and equally good to use on your websites too, so that your brand messaging helps your wonderful business stand out from. the crowd.

Watch the video https://youtu.be/hzrLKJHP3QU or read on ….


Four Quick Ways To Help You To Get Specific And Clear On Your Message

Great so you’ve created a wonderful coaching business, you’re excited to be able to help people and be a change maker, the only problem is you’re really not quite 100% sure who you want to help, how you want to help them and essentially how put put something into words.

You know you need to SHAPE what people think about you. And it has to be INSANELY specific.

You have to drill down to exactly what you want to be known for… and sum it up in a few words.

I can help you…


You Need To Create A Concise Sentence That Describes You…

You need to figure out what you’re going to say about yourself, and who you help. You need to figure out your special message so people remember you and can resonate with you.

Now here’s something to consider:

When you’re coming up with this specific phrase, you want it to be unique

So ….how do you come up with something completely unique? No problem answer the question below…

This simple exercise will help. First, answer these questions:

  1. What do your ideal clients want?
  2. What’s the main problem they have that you believe you can solve?
  3. What’s your method for solving that problem?
  4. What do you love to talk about more than anything?

Once you’re done, you simply COMBINE THEM all together into a sentence. You can shorten or lengthen this for your social media bios and to use on your website 

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