Do you sometimes feel like you are talking to yourself over social media, wondering how you can gain more engagement on your Facebook Page…today I’d like to share a few idea with you on how you can communicate better with you followers. You Can Watch The Video BELOW

Being faced with creating a new Facebook page made me closely look at how to get growth in my Facebook page LIGHT UP YOUR BRAND

I decided it was time to brainstorm as many ideas as possible, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.


How To Build Engagement On Your Facebook Page 

  • Create great content, ensure its relatable to your ideal customers
  • Ensure your images are fantastic, if you’re a product based business invest in a good quality camera so you can share your amazing products
  • Network with other business
  • Be where your ideals customers are with the intention of helping not selling
  • Share another businesses content on your page, they may share your business to their page
  • Compliment another business on your page that you’ve connected with
  • Create good quality blogs that are valuable with help and advice – share on your social media pages
  • Create a guest blog on another businesses blog, ensure that the business compliments your business and is of interest to your customers, and then invite them to guest blog for you too
  • Create an event on your Facebook page when your launching and get people excited about what you gave coming up
    Be consistent with your social media posting.


I hope those ideas will help to spark some ideas for you to plan for your Facebook page

With love

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