Pricing Overwhelm 

Hey friends… I know pricing your services can be a tricky subject and something many get stuck on when creating a pricing structure for your services

So I would love to share my top tips when it comes to pricing authentically and discovering your feel good price

I would love you to…read on

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How To Price Your Coaching Services Confidently

Here are my top tips when it comes to pricing authentically so you can  discover your feel good price.

Assess the industry base rate

You also need to consider what feels appropriate for your level of experience. Research what are people with similar businesses and experience charging?

How big is your audience and social following?

Then consider your pricing in conjunction, reflecting what your audience size is and remember to include your social following in this too.

How much do you need?

Consider what you need to live on… what is enough. Ensuring your prices cover you financially.

Are you in demand?

And remember once you get busier raise your prices! So you don’t get stuck undercharging! Remember to consider your cost of living increase yearly, also each year you are gaining more experience, another reason to raise your prices

Does it feel good?

And lastly You Do You … it needs to feel good to you, then it will feel good to your clients too

I hope that helps you today 

I know you also want to increase sales and welcome new clients too, so I have created a workbook to accompany this, so you worker deeper on gaining the confidence You can download the FREE workbook to help you further – 5 Tips How To Be Confident Selling

With love

Sarah 🙂

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