How Do I Know My Value And Worth? 

How do I understand what my services are worth is something that I get asked about over and over again.

It’s something I see so often and comes in several disguises, and surfaces as doing prolonged free work, undercharging, uncertainty in what to offer and how to price it, all these result in paralysing any further profits in your business. 

One factor for this I believe often stems from being employed for a large majority of time, when you’re employed by someone you have a job title and income all in place, so when it’s your own business and having to actually appreciate what you do and putting a price on that can become a massive stumbling block for many people. 

Having a low self belief in your value and worth, and ultimately feeling uncomfortable with selling your services, and putting a price on what what you offer can hold you back for years…read on to discover how you can get over this hurdle.  

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5 Ways To Understanding Your Value And Worth 

1. Believe in yourself – 

First and foremost you can’t put a value on yourself unless you believe in yourself first. So grab a pen and paper and write out –

– Why you are doing your business

– The results you have achieved so far

2. Value Your Time – 


3. Realise Your Potential –


4. Work From Your Passion –

5. Money Mindset – 

Explore you money mindset, these are often negative sentences we’ve told ourselves for so long we don’t actually realise we are saying them.

For example, money is hard to come by, my audience won’t pay my prices, I don’t do it for the money, I don’t deserve to earn that amount of money. 

Having money mindset issues will obviously effect making any profits in your business and are a factor to so many businesses failing. 


I know that deep inside, you really want to help people, to do this to your best ability it always comes hand in hand with knowing your true value and worth. 

I know you also want to increase sales and welcome new clients too

The good news is sales skill is something you can learn.

I have created a workbook to accompany this, so you worker deeper on gaining the confidence you need. You can download the FREE workbook to help you further – 5 Tips How To Be Confident Selling

With love

Sarah 🙂


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