And Decide to Make It Easy

Hey friends,

Are you like me and love the start of a month, a fresh chance to reset and set my intentions for the month ahead.

I especially love to energetically connect with my intentions so I can create the desired results with EASE 

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Why It’s Important To Set Intentions…

If we want to continually grow our businesses we need to set intentions to make it happen, if we don’t set intentions we will be in exactly the same place as we were at the beginning of the year! And nobody wants that do they, even if it does feel uncomfortable!


Because In truth we are at our best when we’re growing, but that growth often comes with growing pains. Yeah it can feel kind of uncomfortable coming out of our comfort zones, but I’m setting my sights high and the journey is definitely real.

Interestingly though. we can’t see the growth in our business while we are experiencing growth, because when we look behind us it just looks flat and the same, BUT once we get through it and experience exponential growth that’s when we can see how far we have come and we can ride that wave and enjoy greater flow. 

It is so important to remember that…what’s on the other side of the pain is always worth it, though, and this is your (and my) friendly reminder that it’s ok to stop trying to fit in when you’ve outgrown your desires and goals, and recognise it’s time to up level your dreams. NOW. and stop thinking small. 

Set your intentions high and then throw everything you have at it to make it happen. 

Ditch what you have outgrown and show up in your true power

I would love you to post a comment and let me know what are you ready to outgrow?

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With love

Sarah 🙂


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