Change = Action

 Are you burying your head in the sand when it comes to your business or starting a new business, because…listen up..I can guarantee  you the one thing that you are resisting the most, is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business or life.

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Walking back from the school run today I bumped into a mum that I’d not seen for ages, I’ve know here since our eldest boys were born, we went to the same baby groups back in 2007.

She told me she was still working at the same place and still hated it! I asked Kerry if  she’d looked for something else…and she said neh, nothing had come along.

While walking the rest of the way home alone, it got me many of us have friends, partners, family members that hate what they do every. single. day.

But they are doing nothing about it! Especially as from the outside you can see that they should probably look for another job…right?

Here’s the thing. Ultimately change takes action, and that action needs to be from us.

No action and nothing changes.

So today I have a question for you to ask yourself –

What do I need to change in my business today to make it ______________________ ( fill in the blank:)

run smother……more profitable……give me more freedom…….

And decide to make the change or else in 11 years time you will still be singing the same tune as Kerry and all the other people we know that don’t attempt to make a change for the better.

I would love you to get accountable and hit reply to this blog post, and let me know what you are going to take action on and set an intention to change today.

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Have a great rest of your day 

Sarah 🙂


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