Do You Feel Uncomfortable Telling People Your Prices?  

Undercharging for your coaching services not only crushes your bank balance, it also leads to burn out, and feeling detached from your business and all you love in life.

I can guarantee that feeling uncomfortable telling people your prices WILL be affecting all of your life and business…find out why by watching this short video or read on ….


What Is Your Presenting Problem?

There is something that always astonishes me when i’m coaching, the presenting problem is NEVER the actual problem ⁠⠀
This is why it can often feel so difficult to actually move the needle on your business
Because you are focused on the presenting problem you want to do, but never actually ask yourself, WHAT is the real reason WHY am I finding hard to to do it ⁠⠀
Did you know ….
My super power is I can always uncover what the actual problem is

The Effects Of Undercharging 
What commonly happens is because you’re uncomfortable telling someone your prices it often leads to, massively undercharge, or work for free and then feel resentment ⁠⠀

That one element of problems with pricing equals-

  • Having to work twice as hard and feeling burnt out
  • low self esteem
  • No time to actually work on YOUR business growth
  • Commonly say “I don’t have time”
  • Experience getting “difficult” clients
  • Feel unaligned with your business 
  • Year on year no business growth 
  • Low profits, if any at all 

Here is the effect of that one presenting problem has and the massive ripple effect over all areas of your business

Break that pattern 

Look inside and be self aware. Can you recognise something that’s holding you back? 

Because the bigger picture of that one single thing ALWAYS effects all areas of your business and life 

BECAUSE in all honesty it shouldn’t feel hard

I live for co-creating massive shifts in people by digging to the core. Because it’s never a temporary fix, it’s a permanent shift. One that propels them into greatness.

I can change your life in ONE hour, that means more to me than teaching and training and giving you hours and hours of content that won’t work anyway, if you aren’t working.

If you’re feeling like your time is now and you can’t get unstuck on your own my job, being a business & confidence coach is helping you get to the bottom of these problems, and untangle the web so you can to be working from ease and flow, because when you are, your ideal clients will be magnetically attracted to you, read more – to discover more about working from happiness, flow and ease can be possible for you too⠀

You can also find out how to Launch Your Coaching Business in my 5 Step Tutorial 

With love 


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