Welcome to – Your Coaching Business Success Path 

When you don’t know your next steps to grow a thriving coaching business procrastinating can take over, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are trying everything to see what sticks. Can leave you wasting hours over social media wondering how they have got it all worked out!

What if taking action felt easy with a strategy and plan in place, you feel so confident about who you help and why, that you want to shout it from the roof tops, so you can start enjoying financial freedom doing what you love 

Hi I’m Sarah Humphreys, I’m a confidence coach, business strategist and NLP Practitioner and I use all my skill base to make it easy for you to navigate and grow a successful coaching business. 

Because growing a coaching business is very different to growing a standard business, and if you’re trying to work that out on your own, you are likely to stay stuck where you are now allowing self doubt to creep in. 

Coaching Business Success Path is specially designed for coaches needs, self paced, inexpensive courses that are quick no fluff and easy to follow. 

Let me light the way so you can gain the confidence and business building strategies you need so you can help others because you are doing what inspires you.

Are you ready to make an impact in the world and be abundant doing it?

Coaching Business Success Path is –

  • Individual self paced courses that take you from where you are now to a thriving coaching business 
  • Especially developed with coaches in mind, to fulfil every specific need 
  • Step by step video’s that make it easily achievable to take action and gain momentum 
  • Do each course in order or start from where you are at now
  • Inexpensive self paced courses, so you can work in your own time without burning a hole in your pocket.  
  • No stone is left un-turned – you will discover absolutely everything you need, from setting up your website, your mindset, how to stand out in your industry, your niche, pricing, how to confidently close a enrolling conversation and everything in between.
  • Lets get started…… 



I Believe In You 

Launch Your Coaching Business

Let’s get your business up and running. I take away the overwhelm and guide you on how to set up your website, social media pages and more in this 5 step tutorial

Mindset For Success

Get ready to create your success with daily habits, intentions, and action steps so you can make way for complete transfomation 

Know Your Niche

They key elelment of a successful business is your niche. Feel confident and clear on exactly who your ideal clients are and how you help them with your unique talents and gifts 

Create Your Stand Out Business

Most businesses miss out on a vital piece of the success puzzle. Be a step ahead of the rest and know exactly what makes you unique so you stand out from the crowd, with a copy message that sings to your ideal clients

Create And Convert New Clients

Know how to create clients into your business, confidently enjoy enrolling conversation that converts and handle objections with ease

Sell Out Your Signature Program

Work 1:1 with me for 12 weeks. My frame work will help you to create irresistible offers that your ideal clients will easily say ‘yes’ to 

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