In This Article, I Pull Back The Curtains

I had a big wake up call last week, a very dear friend asked me what does a business coach do? This simple question really got my cogs working and whirling and made me realise there could be many more business owners wondering the same thing and not understanding exactly what a business coach does.

In this article, I pull back the curtains and share how I work as a business coach and my step-by-step process my client’s experience working with me.

I’ve created this article to give you some clarity from my angle

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Where We Start 

The wonderful thing with all coaching is we are helping people to really reach their vision, aspirations, and goals. To help people to see the possibilities and to take them from A-Z in the easiest, most impactful way possible so they can feel fulfilled and live the vision they had as their destination. 

The other interesting aspect is this, we only know what we know, we can walk around in blinkers only seeing what’s plain slap bang in front of us, but as a coach, I lift the glasses which opens up your mind for possibilities that we could not see in ourselves and then have the knowledge bank of information to take action on those possibilities and opportunities. 

Why You Haven’t Already Got There 

Truth be told we are the ones who hold ourselves back. I find with my clients if someone has lived the same year more than once with no progress nearer to their aspirational vision, I know that they have a resistance that’s keeping them stuck, and will stay exactly where they are until this is addressed.

We mask being stuck with surface-level problems, like not enough time, I don’t believe that’s right for me, I don’t like tech…{Insert yours here} I could literally go on and on. 

These stories we tell ourself not only keeps us in our comfort zone but also limits our potential with our own glass ceiling.

What's Your Level Of Emotional Intelligence?

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How Much Is It Costing You Being Stuck?

So I start with getting under the surface level problem to the underlying problem, and then there is always a belief under there too for good measure.  

I do this by deep listening and really tuning in to my intuition. I can easily recognise through meaningful questions what is really going on. 

They are often, fear of judgement from people in their circle, concerns of being overwhelmed with too much work, don’t trust they can do it, and more…

After working on the underlying reason and shining a light on that there is always a huge transformation in my client’s physical appearance; an enormous smile, brightly lit up eyes, body proudly renewed with a huge feeling of relief.

Seeing someone look visibly lighter after these sessions really is the cherry on the cake for me and immensely rewarding.

My clients then feel empowered, confident, and ready to move forward.


Now We Can Take Action And Move Forward

I’m also a business strategist, from my hands-on experience of running my own award-winning businesses for 26 years and knowledge bank of leaning I’ve amassed over that time, so the next step is building out a strategy.

I like to call it to do a 360 of the business, I have an eye for what’s missing and through our sessions and my overview I help you build out a strategy. So many businesses have no structure in the back end. This is so apparent as I see a background of a scattered approach to business growth, trying this and that with no focus on what will make the biggest impact on the business. 

That’s why the clarity of vision and goals in place with a strategy of where an entrepreneur wants to get to is so powerful and keeps you focused, accountable, and the business scalable, things really start moving quickly at this point and results create fulfillment and success. 

I’ve helped many different businesses from startups who want to know all the inner workings of setting up a business, this could be retail, service-based, moving online, and also businesses who recognize that there is no structure or systems in place, and want to stand out in their industry to increased visibility, and scale-up. 

I usually find that entrepreneurs fall into one of these categories –


  • Feel stuck in their business, frustrated in their results as seeing little change year on year 
  • Businesses that want to lead with impact, increase visibility, marketing systems and require a scale-up strategy 
  • When leadership in a small team has broken down, this is usually  because there is no effective structure in place 
  • At a crossroads and feel so overwhelmed they want advice on their best direction forward 
  • Small business set up, from website, branding, systems, social media marketing, email marketing, structure, insurances, paperwork, woo-commerce, payment gateways, and business plans.  
  • Systems, need to streamline their business so they can do what they love at the front while the back end is streamlined with an effective funnel doing the heavy lifting 
Trust Yourself, Because I Believe In You

Of course all of the above doesn’t come without resistance so we continually sweep back up to the start and shine a light on what’s come up and move forward from what’s holding you back. 

The big question is do you want to trust yourself and move forward? 

Discover a powerful shift that you can make to break free from your barriers and access their power to create a life that reflects your true value and possibilities.

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email on

Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


Sarah Humphreys is the Founder of Sarah Humphreys Coaching a company specializing in providing actionable strategies and support for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to amplify their vision, stand out from the competition with increased profits. She is a serial entrepreneur for 25 years since she was just 21 years old. Over that time built 6 successful businesses, won A Women In Business Award awards, and had incredible opportunities. Sarah works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing 1:1 coaching, training workshops for expansion of vision, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced life and business by fostering creativity, intuition, and business growth. To book Sarah to speak or train please connect HERE 
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