Rediscover Your Visibility Vibes 

If you’re currently feeling hesitant with your visibility, I can totally understand how you’re feeling, and believe me you are not alone. ⁠⠀
Many coaching businesses are feeling unsure of their messaging right now amidst the situation we are in ⁠⠀

But your visibility is crucial at the moment.
So I wanted to share my 5 steps which are the core of this, so you can raise your profile and visibility  

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It’s Not About You

Being visible in your business is really important, but it can feel really scary putting yourself out there to begin with.

I think so many businesses often try to do lots of things all at once, when actually it’s more effective to focus taking it one step at a time and build your profile and visibility.

It’s not always a comfortable feeling self promoting… But here’s the thing… When you run your own business it’s a “skill” that you need to get good at.

I’ve been on my own visibility journey at times, but I soon realised to uplevel my business, I really just have to take the plunge sometimes, and forget the fear factor and look at the bigger picture.

The main thing is being in control of your mindset, and focus on who you are helping and their needs and take the focus off of yourself and how it feels to you. 

The more visible you get, the more of your ideal clients you will attract

Being more visible in your business can open up so many new opportunities for you and you will grow as a person too. So Enjoy the journey!

Five Steps To Increase Your Coaching Business Visibility


  • Know your ideal client. When you have a deep understanding of that, you will feel comfortable being visible, with a knowing of how to lead and show up with the confidence of how to communicate their needs with them easily ⠀

  • Take yourself out of the equation : You need to believe in yourself and recognise that what you share is to help people, and remember it’s not about you. Face the fear and be prepared to overcome it, so you don’t want to hide away from it.

  • Create regular content : Remember, you’re in business, you need to become known for what you do and creating content around that is the best thing to do. Getting consistent around that will no doubt increase your profile, visibility and SEO 

  • Build connections and relationships with other businesses : Being open minded and making connections everyday is a fantastic way to start conversations on how you can help each other by, guest posting, interviews, Podcast interviews etc.

  • Get features : Getting in front of someone else’s audience can be massively beneficial to you, and easier than you think. The thing is we often make things so much scarier than they need to be, that’s why making connection and building relationships is a key part of this.

Make Your Next Move E-Book 

I’m giving away my E-book – Make Your Next Move : 4 step strategy plan to pivot and adapt your coaching business with ease 
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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email on

Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


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I’m giving away my E-book - Make Your Next Move : 4 step strategy plan to pivot your coaching business with ease
Discover my step-by-step process to help you to adapt your coaching business to meet your ideal clients needs right now and reignite your cash flow💥Want a copy?Click below👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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