Do You Want A Business That Is Thriving And Making An Impact In The World?…… 

Hi I’m Sarah, Your Coach And Founding Fixer. Offering Fix This Next Coaching To Coaches Looking To Up-level Their Business Success 


Fix This Next is a system for entrepreneurs and business owners to identify the most vital need within their business. The readers and followers of Mike Michalowicz work are directed to work through the system exclusively under the guidance of a certified Fix This Next Coach.

Can You Relate?

I See Many Coaches…………….Wondering why they just aren’t getting the financial rewards in their business they feel they deserve, after all they are doing ‘all the things’ but just not getting the desired results in their pocket. 

Imagine running the streamline business you dream of, being in demand, making more money and creating that impact in the world that was your driving force when you first started out.

Hi I’m Sarah Humphreys a certified Fix This Next Coach, I know when we are stuck in the weeds of running our own businesses MOST people are not focusing on the ONE thing that WILL make a impact and difference that will up-level their business and profits.

With the unique Fix This Next System I can show you the exact ONE thing you DO need to work on and create a strategy for you to move the needle in your business in the exact right direction, so you can have a thriving coaching business and live that financially free life that you dream of

How It Works 

Step 1 – Using the Fix This Next evaluation process I evaluate the vital need in your business that is not being met and is holding you back in your coaching business growth

Step 2 – We evaluate the results of the Fix This Next evaluation, which will fall into one of the following categories sales; profit, order, impact legacy

Step 3 – Develop a unique strategy for you enabling you to fully overcome that exact problem that’s been the sticking point your business. 

What My Clients Say….

“I have known and worked with Sarah for almost a year now and can safely say she is the most positive and savvy business strategist out there. Her knowledge of business and can-do mindset is amazing, she gives you the concrete steps to make REAL progress in business and supports you through all of it. She shifts your beliefs around what selling actually is and shows you how to price and sell your services in a way that feels comfortable and empowering. I simply cannot recommend Sarah enough – you need this firecracker at your side while building your coaching business!” Synnove Thue, Transformation Coach


I have worked with Sarah now on two programmes – one for marketing and one for sales. The extent of information Sarah has knows no bounds. She is a joy to work with. Every call I feel lighter, engaged, and enthusiastic about my business than when I started. I have learnt so much and she is so easy to talk to and listens really intently. I would recommend anyone starting a business, especially coaching, to work with Sarah. You will not be disappointed.”

Fiona Brennan, Inspire Action Coaching

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ABOUT Sarah Humphreys -Serial entrepreneur for 25 years. Won a Women In Business Award in 2017. Obsessive learner. Course creator. Business geek. Results driven coach. My mission – To support coaches to grow a thriving business, and create a positive impact in their communities, families and themselves.  


  • Fix This Next Coach
  • Business Coach & Strategist
  • Confidence Coach
  • NLP Practitioner

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