Why You Should Fill In The Gaps 

You knew when you saw this picture I was getting ready to spill the tea, didn’t you?! Today I just might tip the whole kettle!

It seemed about time to talk about the elephant in the room …yep you know only too well, it’s something that everyone is thinking about and no one is  saying out loud…can someone tell me – how to get MORE coaching clients!!!!

.⁠..read on…


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Unlock YOUR Door To Consistent Cash Sales

If you’re feel lost, wasting hours wondering what to say over social media marketing that might get a glimmer of response, tired of comparing your business success to other businesses, making little or no money and can’t work out why!

What if you were loving your own unique business offers that speaks clearly to your ideal clients, you knew exactly what to say, and when, over your marketing and social media saving you hours a week, sitting confidently in your niche making a constant, and consistent income.

I know a thing or two about growing a thriving business, i’m a serial entrepreneur for over 24 years, business strategist, confidence coach and business geek and I have a big secret to tell you – I know your core offers are leaving a big gapping whole in the middle of your business, a sensational offer and the layers underneath of this foundation part are THE essential key to unlock YOUR door to consistent cash sales rolling into your business

I’m going to break this down step by step – 


Step 1

Have a deep understanding of your value proposition – this would be a promise of a full and remarkable solution and/or benefit that you will help to achieve. This is why your ideal client should buy from you. To fully understand this you have to be immersed into the heart and mind of your ideal client.

Step 2

Map out your unique process for how you take your client from pain to ultimate result. Once you have you have this in place your credibility with clients will be dramatically increased and it will also provide the framework or basis for everything you help your clients with. It will become the epicentre of all your services.


Step 3

Have a strategy, just knowing what you are passionate about isn’t enough to make money in business. If you want to make money from your coaching business you need to have a strategic plan that is the creation of multiple offers from low end to high end.

 Most service businesses make the mistake of just having one core product that they sell.

I call this meeting your clients where they are at

Step 4

Market your offer, send traffic to your offers, your unique strategy plan makes this so much easier, as you have created an amazing funnel that’s guiding your ideal clients to work through your strategy plan working up to your high ticket offer.

This is how you get coaching clients to your business and grow a thriving business


If you’re serious about your dreams, then you know all too well that you need a good system in place, and I can promise you that my Sell Out Your Signature Programmes will do just that 

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With love and light 



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