It’s Got To Change  

Last week I hit the deck, I had got to the point of feeling incredibly angry and saddened at the sheer overwhelm that so many small business owners are going through at the moment.
Overwhelm is paralyzing so many business owners from moving forward, feeling like they’ve not achieved a level of success they desire is the driving force. Unfortunately this overwhelm is causing the exact opposite of what they desire and is slowing down their growth potential.
Today I want to share how to overcome this feeling

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Isn’t It Usual To Feel Overwhelmed? 

You may believe that overwhelm is all part and parcel of growing a successful business.

But more often from not the overwhelm is coming from a place of information overload. ⁠

It all starts from a feeling of uncertainty on what to do to grow a business, leading to comparing to others’ success, resulting in feeling in a panic of why it is’t working for you.

Here are a few of my observations to help you today – ⁠

1. Stop – take a break and allow yourself space to tune into what you need to do, scale back on the to-do’s and focus.⁠

2. Stop – panic buying from scarcity and FOMO, you don’t need to learn to create a course, how to launch, build a membership. These marketers will try to convince you that you cannot have business success without them ⁠

3. Stop – taking on too much, having no boundaries and saying yes to the wrong things, signing up for free challenges that you don’t need ⁠as they are mostly designed to make you more confused than before!⠀

I’m so frustrated at how marketing is going at the moment and something has to change. I really hope this helps, friend! ⁠

Comment below if you’d like to see more of these tips in the future!


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Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


Sarah Humphreys is the Founder of Sarah Humphreys Coaching a company specializing in providing actionable strategies and support for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to amplify their vision, stand out from the competition with increased profits. 

She is a serial entrepreneur for 25 years since she was just 21 years old. Over that time built 6 successful businesses, won A Women In Business Award, and had incredible opportunities. 

Sarah works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing 1:1 coaching, training workshops for expansion of vision, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced life and business by fostering creativity, intuition, and business growth.

To book Sarah to speak or train please connect HERE 

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