Journal Prompts To Let Go 

When life’s busy, which it usually is for most of us! Right? 

It’s easy to let things slip, we keep hold of bad habits, overworking, old ways of doing things.

While at the same time wishing for, more time, more clients, more money, more energy, nicer clothes …on and on and on … 

But by shining a light on the areas you are grasping onto and making changes on your focus point, it can have incredible results.

Making space for what you do want enables you to experience expansion in your life and business.

I’m excited to share some amazing journaling prompts to uncover what you are holding onto way to tightly so you can let go of what doesn’t serve you to make space for what you do want 

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Let’s loosen The Grip 

Have you ever considered that you could be gripping onto something you need to let go of? ⁠
I promise you, friend, I’ve been there too! ⁠

Letting go can be incredibly powerful and life-changing when we are open to it. 

We often don’t even realise, or choose not to be aware of what we are holding onto because it’s just part of what we do, it’s ingrain in us and we can function on automatic pilot which feels easy and familiar  

I know all too well it can feel edgy and uncomfortable being unable to see the other side of letting go, stepping into the big unknown has an element of risk. 

But if nothing changes, you get the same results. Over. And. Over. Again. 

Which can build up to feelings of frustration and confusion as to why things are not working out as they should. 

This can be in all areas of your, business, lifestyle, financial, health, and wellbeing. 

Raise Your Awareness  

Raise your awareness and ask yourself, “Could I be holding onto things in any areas of my life and business?” For instance, this could be – ⁠

Filling all of your time being so very busy, overworking on an area of your business that is time-consuming and won’t make the biggest impact
Your current systems, because it’s the way you’ve always done it ⁠and haven’t got time to wonder is there another way I could do this 
Relationships; do you have clients who drain you, your partner, or friendships ⁠that you have feelings of lack around.
You’re wardrobe is full of old clothes because you might fit back into a size 10 at some time (You’re not alone, I’ve been here too many times to mention)  ⁠
You’re purse/wallet is stuffed full of old receipts and fluff ⁠
Old thoughts and beliefs ⁠are always keeping you stuck right where you are, but you haven’t done anything about that because that’s just how you are. Right? 

I know it can feel hard to let go of somethings, but by letting go actually makes space for more of what you do actually want in your life. ⁠

7 Journaling Prompts To  Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You 

It’s so powerful to decide to be open to trying this, so you can make space for what you do want in your life and business. So what I would love you to do to push forward from this is to journal this out and see what comes up for you.⁠

So grab your favourite journal, a quiet space, maybe do a meditation, and light a beautifully calming scented candle 

Here are the journal prompts, if you can allow your pen to freely write across the page, feel relaxed and calm allowing as much as there is to come out, you will find this especially beneficial.  

1. Today I choose to let go of things that no longer serve me including….


2. Instead of doubting myself, I trust that no matter what happens, I….


3. How can I…..(Journal what resonates with you most or use these examples ) 

– How can I make space in my day and calendar for new clients⁠, ….
How can I streamline my systems to free up more time⁠ so I…..

4. I’m ready to…..⁠..  (Journal what resonates with you most or use these examples ) 
– I’m ready to consider if relationships are draining my energy⁠ so I can…..

5. I enjoy….⁠   (Journal what resonates with you most or use these examples ) 
I enjoy clearing out old items and sending them to charity⁠ because I know…
– I enjoy lovingly clearing out my purse/wallet⁠ so I can make space for….

6. I trust I can.⁠   (Journal what resonates with you most or use these examples )
–  I trust I can identify my limiting beliefs and refocus my energy ⁠on more positive thoughts if I …


7. Why is it so easy for me to make space in my life for what I really want? 

Plus a bonus one 🙂

8. I know all is well and everything is unfolding as it should because I …..

Your Journaling Next Steps 

What I love about journaling is it really is self-coaching, looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, and making positive moves forward for a happier and fulfilling life.

You may be new to journaling, if you are and you’re feeling a little unsure if you are doing it right, I can assure you there is no way you can do it wrong. This practice develops and changes with you until you hopefully developed a daily practice that you can bring into your habit stack everyday.

The important thing is that if you feel stuck for whatever reason, having the habit of asking meaningful questions and then by writing out what comes up for you means you’re able to keep the focus on possibilities, opportunities and expand your thinking and life

This process is not something to dread and put off just because it feels edgy, or uncomfortable and you doubt yourself, but it is something to enjoy, feel nourished from, lighter in your headspace, an inner sense of freedom, and happier.

What’s not to love about that?

Being able to use these “letting go” journal prompts empowers you to see the opportunity to become a happier, and healthier you.



Trust Yourself, Because I Believe In You

Do you believe in you?

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Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


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