How You Can Thrive During The CoronaVirus. 

I’m not one of those people that likes talking about themselves.

But there are 3 things you should probably know about me:

Thing #1: I’ve been running my own businesses for 25 years 

Thing #2: I’ve been through all the up’s and the downs as a business owner 

Thing #3: There’s two things I love, coaching and helping coaches  

I realise you may be wondering why I am sharing this. The bottom line? I’m here to help you with MY experience and share how you can thrive during the CoronaVirus. 

So with that said – I would love you to ask yourself ….

.⁠ on…


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What’s your advantage?

At these difficult times, my wish is for you to feel inspired by my local brick and mortar businesses…. my local gift shop doing personalised gift wrapped gifts and delivering for free, a family restaurant delivering tasty meals to those who are in self isolation, a wine store with a “Honk For Wine” sign outside to get car service.

And online businesses need to do the same, and share YOUR advantage with your audience. I’m sharing how you can do this on the video I did HERE

So please recognise its not about feeling awkward putting out offers, and selling those.

It’s about meeting our clients needs and pivoting our businesses to fulfil those needs.

So ask yourself –

  • What does your ideal clients need right now?
  • How can you help them with that?

This is not about panicking and making quick decisions, but consider what you need to do then take action on that

It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty 

Or have you been told by other people, or the news or even yourself that it’s a bad time to be even thinking about what to offer to your clients? 

As you know, your business has a right to be serving as much as the hair salons, the gift shops, the grocery store. It’s your right to have a business that is still open for business. 

Think for a minute about how different it could look if you were showing up, standing out and helping your community to get out of this? 

Because you are way to good at this, I don’t believe you want to let all this time you’ve spent building a business, just drift away.

So with that said – I’ve broken your next moves into 4 steps to help you to take action and moving in the right direction.

4 Steps For You Next Moves 

Step 1 – Get curious, find out, and listen in on what your ideal clients needs right now.

Step 2 – Check your ideal clients DO need this help

Step 3 – Take action. Update your website copy. Plan your offer, write out your sales page and get moving. 

Step 4 – Share far and wide how you can help. Get on your soap box and rattle on about it so everyone knows. 

Please tell me you can now ask yourself “OK, so what can I offer?”

This shift in your belief will bring you clarity and your feeling clearer.

If you realise that it starts by standing out in your industry, creating a unique offer, that helps your client where they are at to solve their problem, you are taking the steps on the right path of least resistance.

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me by email on

If you’re ready to take action, my 3 Step Strategy To Get Through Tough Times will be the perfect partner, it will transform your feelings into positive action steps so you can go on to achieve the success you desire.

You Can Check Out 3 Step Strategy To Get Through Tough Times HERE

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Make Your Next Move E-Book 

I’m giving away my E-book – Make Your Next Move : 4 step strategy plan to pivot and adapt your coaching business with ease 

Discover my step-by-step process to help you to adapt your coaching business to meet your ideal clients needs right now and reignite your cash flow 

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 Want a copy?

Visit my library of Light Up Your Brand Courses for coaches who want to grow a thriving business Coaching Business Success Path

Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


Sarah Humphreys is the Founder of Sarah Humphreys Coaching a company specializing in providing actionable strategies and support for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to amplify their vision, stand out from the competition with increased profits. 

She is a serial entrepreneur for 25 years since she was just 21 years old. Over that time built 6 successful businesses, won A Women In Business Award, and had incredible opportunities. 

Sarah works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing 1:1 coaching, training workshops for expansion of vision, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced life and business by fostering creativity, intuition, and business growth.

To book Sarah to speak or train please connect HERE 

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