What Content Are You Focused On?

Have you ever wondered what content you should focus on to bring more clients into your coaching business

The truth is most are focusing on the wrong thing.

.⁠..read on…


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Focus On My 5 Rules Of Marketing

Did you realise there is two types of marketing; content creation and direct response marketing? ⁠

The problem is most coaches are focusing on the wrong things and creating and planning content marketing and not making sales

If you need more clients so you can make more money, or if you have a new offer, or your business is still in its infancy stages, the more you should focus on direct response marketing and less on content marketing.⁠

⁠Those who focus too much on content without enough emphasis on direct response, never experience the growth and cash flow they want.⁠ 

There is a time when content marketing is important but it needs to be once your irresistible signature offers are in place.

WHY? ⁠

If you need more sales, more clients, more money in the bank focus on – building an email list, doing market research with your ideal audience, doing webinars, booking calls, launches, and having offers that are irresistible to your ideal client. This WILL give results much more quickly because its to the point and focused attention

While content creation is great for the long game – doing a YouTube channel, podcast, blog, and social media (without a focus on your offer), these actions are less likely to result in direct lead generation, inquiries, and clients quickly. ⁠

So I’m going to break this down for you with my easy to follow the 5 rules – 

5 rules of response marketing

1: There MUST Be an Offer – Always be sure to have core irresistible signature offers that your clients are clambering to buy and say ‘yes’ to 

2: Have a Deadline – Creating urgency into the mix is vital and why an irresistible signature offer has better results than compared to your 1:1 three month coaching programmes 

3: A Clear Call-to-Action – Make it easy for your clients and demystify how they take the next steps to work with you 

4: The Copy is captivating – Having copy that sings out to your ideal client is essential so make sure you have done all your market research and know the language they use 

5: Measure Your Results – Tracking your results and running everything like a test is essential so you can tweek and pivot if needed going forward 

If there is too much focus on content creation without a focus on direct response marketing It makes total sense that this will never lead to consistent cash flow.⁠

The time to focus on content marketing comes too but once the irresistible offer is in place ⁠

There’s a time and a place for both. ⁠

If you’re starting out or just wanting to get money in the door faster it’s time to focus on the irresistible signature offer and the 5 rules. Time to check out my Sell Out Your Signature Programmes and I will help you do just that ⁠

If you’re serious about your dreams, then you know all too well that you need a good system in place, and I can promise you that my Sell Out Your Signature Programmes will do just that 

Want to know more? You can click here to discover more about how you too can Sell Out Your Signature Programmes 

Like working self paced? You can also visit my library of courses for coaches who want to grow a thriving business Coaching Business Success Path

Let me know in the comments…do you feel like you have the balance right?

With love and light 


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