Authentic Growth Strategies 

Today I’m super excited about sharing this article with you, mainly because it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about. 
In a world where we are marketed and sold to every second, of every minute, feeling in alignment with how we want to share our business to the world is vitally important 
So…If you are ready to use a different approach to marketing your business or maybe you’re just curious, you are in the right place 

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Persuasive V’s Authentic  

Before I start I would love to point out I absolutely love marketing and selling.

I love the energy of two people happy 

The seller is happy, the client or customer is happy both are richer. 

Getting this perfect balance is very important, and exactly why authentic selling and marketing is the key thing to getting this perfect balance in harmony. 


For as long as I can remember there has always been persuasive sales and marketing, which often causes people to repel at the very thought of sales because of thoughts and memories attached to the typical ‘Car Salesman’ approach 

Lately, this approach has been also taken on in the online space, and I see normalized by many industry leaders and promoted as “This is the quickest way to make you rich” “Hit your 10k months fast” “Follow my path, as I used to be poor and look at me now” I’m sure you get the picture 🙂  

Strategically placed persuasive techniques are used throughout their marketing, causing their audience to doubt their abilities, create overwhelm which is proven to have a negative impact on your decision-making abilities causing panic buying from FOMO 

Now the white elephant in the room is this  – Do you really want to persuade people to want to work with you? 

It’s a NO from me and hopefully you too

So the next question is – How can we be sure of being authentic when we are promoting our businesses?

1. Check in with your values – what are your core values as a business owner? Our core values are our essence of who we are and what we believe in. When we are aware of what makes us feel good we can create content and market what is important to us. Mine are – Empower, Authenticity, Transformation, Impact, Happiness, and Empathy. If I am ticking all these boxes I feel amazing, I’m in alignment, and I’m authentically marketing from the heart. You will see these elements sprinkled in everything I share because my core values are top of mind and I mentally check my content is aligned with them.

2- In it for more than just the money – stay connected with your WHY. Embodying your big WHY is key, why did you set up your business, why do you want to make a difference. People that have their WHY close to their heart become successful as part of the cause. There has to be more than just the money driving us forward because that is what will get you out of bed every single morning. Remembering that one person needs to hear what you have to say today is an incredible driver. Let the WHY be your driver and not the cash pot


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3. Be you – when you’re marketing over social media channels, email, live stream, and video content check in with it being your real voice, instead of following what you’ve heard what you should do or by trying to copy someone else’s style.

It’s easy to believe this is the way forward when we admire someone else’s style and feel inspired by their work. But this isn’t being authentic and I’ve seen business owners that have been doing this for many years, they soon start feeling the pressure of this as this is NOT their area of expertise because they are not creating from their own inspired thinking.

If you think someone may influence your way of thinking then I always advise to stay in your own lane, you will reap the benefits by not relying on someone else’s how to’s…..

4. People, not assets – just remember the people on your list, your audience, those who follow you on social media are people just like you and I.

The lines often get blurred here when business owners have used Facebook advertising to grow their lists, for challenges, workshops, training, etc. Their list of people is now paid for and often there is an underlying subconscious feeling of ROI needed. Which is when the persuasive selling coming into play.

When we start seeing people as assets, and not recognizing that business is a relationship thing the energy becomes grasping.

Asses that inner compass, seeing your audience/following as beautiful people that you can serve, aiming to delight, and build a relationship with.

Then they can make a choice based on what’s best for them, which encompasses a perfect balance of energy.

They feel richer and so do we because we are authentically showing up, from the heart. 

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Let me know in the comments…Are you ready to take some action in your business?⁠

With love and light 


Sarah Humphreys is the Founder of Sarah Humphreys Coaching a company specializing in providing actionable strategies and support for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to amplify their vision, stand out from the competition with increased profits. 

She is a serial entrepreneur for 25 years since she was just 21 years old. Over that time built 6 successful businesses, won A Women In Business Award awards, and had incredible opportunities. 

Sarah works with business leaders and supports organizations by developing and providing 1:1 coaching, training workshops for expansion of vision, and expertise to create and maintain a balanced life and business by fostering creativity, intuition, and business growth.

To book Sarah to speak or train please connect HERE 

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