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Hey, I’m Sarah Humphreys…my Passion and purpose is to help you to create a profitable business?

Discover a powerful shift that you can make to break free from your barriers and access their power to create a life that reflects your true value and possibilities.

Expand Your Thinking

So You Live Into Your Vision Everyday

Transparently shine your own light sharing authentically with openness. Take confident steps with certainty on growing a stand-out business with an agile strategy and plan.

Focus on your priorities aligned with all capabilities connected with your vision. Breaking away from old resistance with clarity will empower your every step to make bold decisions and changes with efficiency. 

Capitalize opportunities as they arise with an agile strategy executed. Enjoy streamline systems in place working behind the scenes. Motivated to achieve excellence to celebrate achieving the goal 


Take Your Business

To A Whole New Level

When you amplify your vision, stand out from the competition, you can confidently exceed your potential.

Discover how my proven strategies and systems I’ve developed from unique business coaching; leadership coaching and agile project management, plus from successfully creating multiple businesses in my 26 years of business experience, will help you to celebrate the achievement of reaching your goals so you can step into your vision.

I aim to help you where you are at, still wondering if you need a business coach?

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There’s Three Ways To Work With Me 

1:1 Strategy Sessions 

Focus driven single session 1:1 coaching 

  1. Strategy Session – Confidently know your next steps with a plan in place
  2. Pivot Plan Strategy SessionGet to grips with what your ideal client’s needs are right now and move forward with a plan
  3. Business Breakthrough Sessions – One question to the right person is all it takes to have a business breakthrough, three 1:1 coaching session helping you to get you over your hurdle so you can move forward with ease

1:1 Coaching Programs 

  • Fix This Next Evaluation: I’m a certified Fix This Next Advisor, with this unique system by Mike Michalowicz I can uncover exactly what you need to work on to make the most impact in your business 1 hour evaluation 
  • 1:1 Coaching Packages: 360 business coaching, plus strategy on what will make the biggest impact in your business. For those wanting to experience a powerful coaching intensive, make an impact and get results quicker. Fed up of figuring it out on your own? Then this is for you.
  • 6-month Mentorship : Work closely with me and I will help you to launch and confidently build your business

What My Clients Say 

“I have known and worked with Sarah for almost a year now and can safely say she is the most positive and savvy business strategist out there. Her knowledge of business and can-do mindset is amazing, she gives you the concrete steps to make REAL progress in business and supports you through all of it. She shifts your beliefs around what selling actually is and shows you how to price and sell your services in a way that feels comfortable and empowering. I simply cannot recommend Sarah enough – you need this firecracker at your side while building your coaching business!” Synnove Thue, Transformation Coach


I have worked with Sarah now on two programmes – one for marketing and one for sales. The extent of information Sarah has knows no bounds. She is a joy to work with. Every call I feel lighter, engaged, and enthusiastic about my business than when I started. I have learnt so much and she is so easy to talk to and listens really intently. I would recommend anyone starting a business, especially coaching, to work with Sarah. You will not be disappointed.”

Fiona Brennan, Inspire Action Coaching

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Awards And Recognition

ABOUT Sarah Humphreys -Serial entrepreneur for 26 years. Award-winning coaching practice. Won a Women In Business Award in 2017. Course creator. Business geek meets soulful entrepreneur. Results-driven coach. Agile Business coach My mission – To support entrepreneurs to grow a thriving business, and create a positive impact in their communities, families, and themselves.  


  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Agile Project Management Diploma
  • Accredited Leadership Coach The Institute Of Leadership & Management: MlnstLM
  • Fix This Next Coach
  • Business Coach & Strategist
  • Confidence Coach
  • NLP Practitioner

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